D9 Green Line - The fertigation reference

Dosatron fertilizer injectors - D9GL range

More reliable, more resistant to chemicals, very easy to maintain without tools... DOSATRON® presents the D9 Green Line, the new special fertigation doser, the latest addition to the Green Line dedicated to irrigation.

It operates on irrigation networks from 500 l/h to 9 m3/h. Fertilizers and products, liquid or soluble, conventional or organic, are injected over a dosage range of 0.2% to 2% and 1% to 5%.

The development of a brand new engine entirely of plastic and metal-free design, incorporating new and patented DOSATRON® principles, allows an increase in chemical compatibility. In addition, from 96 to 35 parts, this engine innovates in its simplest and most practical maintainability, no longer requiring any tools to change its spring or sealing lips.

The only energy source required is the online use of the flow rate in the irrigation sectors, no electricity or additional energy is required. No additional sophisticated equipment, a simple filter upstream and a non-return valve downstream are sufficient. In addition, the dispenser is designed to manage the network filling phases and automatically restarts following the overflow of the water supply.

Since 2012, DOSATRON® has been implementing a genuine eco-design process as an extension of its ISO 14001 certification. It is through this desire to offer a product that leads to environmental improvement that D9GL innovation also benefits from this eco-design approach.

See the specific flyer on the D9 Green Line - The new fertigation reference

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