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A high-performance sealing solution for our innovative dosing pumps with our supplier Angst+Pfister

Angst+Pfister, one of our suppliers with whom we have been working closely since 2013 on the design of various pump components to meet the needs of our innovative products, has just published an article on our collaboration on the design of seals and moulded parts that comply with US and European food regulations.

About three years ago, we turned to Angst+Pfister to meet the specific seal requirements of our new generation of metering pumps: D25+care, which is one of the first pumps to meet all the regulatory requirements of the European Union's EC 1935/2004. This means that all parts that come into contact with food comply with these regulations, while at the same time guaranteeing tightness, resistance to aggressive chemicals and specific mechanical properties.

This collaboration with the best suppliers of industrial components, as well as the possibility to develop together those components that meet our products, is one of the keys to the quality of ou

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