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Dosatron makes the (good) assessment

The world leader in dosing pumps has experienced the teleworking of 70% of its team. The formula was rather winning.

Dosatron's got a knack for innovation. It is an invention, that of two brothers from Bordeaux, France, Jean and Philippe Cloup, who since 1974, first in Carignan, and now in Tresses near Bordeaux, that ensures the success of the company. The two brothers, one an engineer, the other a veterinarian, have imagined and developed a dosing unit, a system that diffuses any product precisely and proportionally according to the needs of the user using water pressure as the only driving force.
A patented innovation that has made many small, and conquests too. Dosatron pumps, of all sizes and flow rates, are used in a wide range of sectors, from animal health to irrigation, water treatment and food hygiene. The company, which became an American company in 2006 (United Technology and more recently Ingersoll Rand), has 110 employees and generates a turnover of more than 40 million euros, 90% of which is exported to more than 100 countries.

Accustomed to the innovations that it regularly has to bring out of its research and development laboratory in order to keep up with the competition, which is often simply copying it, the company managed by Patrick Amaré faced, like almost every company in the world, an unprecedented threat: that of health containment and its consequences for the pursuit of business: teleworking.

Ahead of telework?

If the health crisis was a first for Dosatron, teleworking has a touch of déjà vu.
"We are an industrial company that, until recently, didn't have a work culture", says Mathilde Dejean, communications manager.
"But a few months ago we set up our first teleworking contracts for a maximum of 15 days per year.
This first step made our task much easier when we put 70% of our teams in quarantin
In less than 48 hours, Dosatron's IT Services Department set up the digital tools that enabled all employees to work at home... on their personal computers. "For security reasons, we decided to leave the professional computers in the company", explains Martine, from the IT services department.

Performance on target

Even though some of the 60 or so confined employees have returned, the corridors and offices sound hollow. "Since the beginning of this week we've been coming back, but gradually. Everyone will be back at the beginning of July", explains Mathilde Dejean.
A return that may not sound like the end of the telework experience. During the eight weeks of confinement, the adaptability of the teams was good. "But teleworking in family containement is something else than the chosen telework... it's much more difficult.
And yet it worked.
During the months of March, April and May, Dosatron, which is used to doubledigit growth, pulverized its sales forecast. "Our production, once our teams were secured, did not stop, and during the teleworking period, our sales, administrative, IT and communication teams proved to be efficient".
So much so that there will undoubtedly be a before and after coronavirus in the organisation of work at Dosatron. The company plans to interview each employee about this experience. There will also be time for exchange between managers and their teams. And in July, proposals could be made in terms of work organisation

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