EUREKA #91 - 06/2019 (France)

Eureka june 2019 - Dosatron news

As the inventor of the autonomous proportional hydraulic dosing pump, DOSATRON offers Atex certified dosing pump as part of its "Industry Line" range.

The company markets two ranges of Industry Line Atex units for zones 0, 1 and 2 in gas atmosphere and 20, 21 and 22 in "dust type" atmosphere. The D3IL and D8IL ranges allow the in-line dosing of a wide range of additives used in industry (disinfection, lubrication, surface treatment, remineralisation, dust stabilisation, pH adjustment, etc.) whether liquid or soluble, acid or alkaline, fluid or viscous.

This equipment operates without electricity but ensures a high level of accuracy, regardless of variations in flow rate and pressure in the hydraulic network. on which they are installed. They work on networks from 10 to 8,000 l/h. The additives are injected over a dosing range of 0.03% to 10% for the D3IL ranges and 0.03% to 5% for the D8IL ranges.

IIt should be noted that in the Atex zone, carry out a proportional dosing with a material of conventional dosage can be restrictive. This implies that the entire system dosing, including flow meter, power supply electrical and possibly solenoid valves flow activation (if they are necessary), are certified by Atex. The choice of this dosing pump is a choice which simplifies installation while ensuring accuracy and repeatability of the dosing function.

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