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Dosatron continuing to serve you

Last update on April 6th 2021

Following the last goverment's measures regarding the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dosatron still applies the continuity and security plan already put in place in March 2020. Our main priority is to limit the number of employees on site to limit the spread of the virus, while continuing to produce and serve our partners and clients, as we did in spring 2020.

The services able to work from home are still teleworking.
The production, finance and sales administration departments in particular continue to work on site.

Depending on the evolution of the Government Directives and the evolution of the epidemic, we will take consistent and appropriate measures to protect all our employees and their families to the best of our ability and to maintain our commitments to our suppliers and partners.

Since March 2020, Dosatron has set up a new organisation :

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  • Arrangement of different time slots.
  • Cancellation of all meetings, reunions and physical visits.
  • No grouping of more than 2 or 3 people, respect of 1m distance between each interlocutor.
  • Extension of teleworking to all employees who have the possibility to do so.
  • Reorganisation of workstations, particularly in our production workshops, thanks to a reorganisation of work plans and the arrangement of time slots.
  • Use of protective masks and gloves in the production department and reinforcement of the hygiene instructions already in place.
  • Mandatory home-working policies where possible (a computer system for the remote management of our desktop computers has been put in place to increase the possibilities of teleworking).
  • Improved security and social distancing practices for employees who can only perform their duties on site.
  • Closure of on-site facilities such as cafeterias and common areas.
  • Prohibition of meetings of more than 2 employees.
  • Widening the working time service to avoid congestion and asking employees to consider alternative work schedules to reduce contact.
  • Regular reminders of hygiene rules.
  • Weekly internal information on the situation.

We sincerely thank all our employees for their support and availability. This demonstrates our attachment to our company and to its most precious asset: these people.

Let us remain committed, strong, supportive and responsible!


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