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D25+care: the New Standard

Dosatron introduces the high-end D25+care medicator pump range, specifically designed to enable the implementation of good practices and anticipate future standards and developments in animal vaccination and treatments.

The D25+care dosing pump and medicator range is the new high-value Dosatron Standard for animal health applications, for water flows from 10 l/h to 2.5 m3/h.

The D25+care water-powered medicators and dosing pumps help you administer treatments to animals whatever your specialty. They are now available in the 2% and 5% dosing ranges:

  • Accurate, reliable and homogeneous dosing.
  • Certified suitable for Food Contact – safe for Human and Animal Health.
  • Compatible with a wide range of veterinary treatments, livestock additives & biocide products.
  • Dosing ranges designed to ensure the best solubility of oral powders.
  • Quick and easy to maintain.

The D25+care 5% is also available with the SmartDosing+: Dosatron innovative system to secure, optimize and record drinking water vaccinations and treatments in real time.

Choosing the Right Medicator

Choose the high 5% dosing rate

  • In order to ensure the solubility of oral powders.
  • To reduce the risk of treatment residues in the mother solution.
  • To ensure proper sanitation of water networks when using detergents and disinfectants requiring dosing above 2%.

Choose the lower 2% dosing rate

  • To limit the number of times the tank is filled in the case of large daily volumes.
  • Only if treatments are sufficiently soluble or liquid.

An introduction to the D25+care 5%

Our Animal Health market expert Angèle Suzanne introduces the characteristics and benefits of the D25+care 5%, the new top-of-the-range generation of the D25 model.

Discover in more details how the D25+care dosing pumps offer you the best of Dosatron expertise

The D25+care range is based on Dosatron’s non-electric, proportional dosing technology. Installed on a water system, the dosing pump uses the water pressure and flow as power source.

When activated, it draws in the concentrated additive and doses it to the desired percentage. The solution is then injected into the water flow.

Accurate, reliable and homogeneous dosing

  • Dosatron proportional technology guarantees precise dosing regardless of variations in animal consumption and pressure drops.
  • Integrated dynamic mixing allows all animals within a group to have access to the same vaccination / treatment dose in their drinking water.
  • Delivering vaccinations / treatments is made easier thanks to our patented dosage locking system, as well as increased calibration capabilities in accordance with certain standards and labels.

operating principle D25ALN metering pump

   Operating principle of the D25+care 5% medicator

dosing pump with food compatibility

Certified suitable for food contact - Safe for animal and human health

  • Food contact certification contributes to better animal health, and consequently to human health.
  • The D25+care is certified as suitable for food contact according to Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 and Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006 and it guarantees that no harmful particles will be released into the animals’ drinking water. 
  • Some norms related to equipment, for example the German norm DIN 10529-2, already strongly recommend the use of food contact certified materials.

Compatible with a wide range of veterinary treatments, feed additives & biocide products that are commonly used in Animal Health

  • The materials selected by our engineering teams specifically for the D25+care, as well as our dosing technology, can be used for all treatments, vaccinations and additives that are commonly administered in Animal Health.
  • The D25+care product range is mainly composed of plastic components selected for their chemical compatibility, with a polypropylene pump body and Viton seals.

Compatible with the Dosatron SmartDosing+ system.

The D25+care 5% is compatible with our Dosatron SmartDosing+ system.

When connected to your computer or barn controller, the SmartDosing+ adapts to your farming set-up and allows you to securely and accurately monitor, optimize and record your drinking water treatments and vaccinations in real time.

metering pump compatible with the smartdosing system

Quick and easy to maintain

Our patented quick-coupling system on the dosing part means it is easy to remove and access for maintenance.

This tutorial is intended to help you perform maintenance on the D25+care 5% metering pump for animal health.

The difficulty level of this tutorial is about : 3/5 (normal). If you have any questions, please contact your distributor

The D25+care medicators and dosing pumps help you administer treatments to animals whatever your specialty.
Visit the specific animal breeding pages to find out about relevant dosing solutions.

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