ACS chlorine dosing pumps - Water flow up to 30m3/h

Why is using a certified chlorine dosing pump important ?

To make the water drinkable, the Dosatron ACS or NSF certified metering pumps, installed in line with the water pipe, inject a dose of chlorine (NaClo, CaClo) which allows the destruction of organic matter such as viruses and microbes contained in the water, in proportion to the flow rate.

Since a large part of the chlorine is needed to neutralize these organic materials, the dose of chlorine delivered by the metering pump will allow a part, called free residual chlorine, to remain available to treat possible future infection of the water in the network or in the homes.

This free chlorine allows for the persistence of the sanitizing capacity.

According to the WHO, in drinking water, the free chlorine concentration of the treated water should be 0.2 to 0.5 mg/l.

ACS chlorine dosing pump certification logo

The ACS certification of our chlorine dosing pumps

Dosatron chlorine dosing pumps certified by the ACS comply with the quality requirements set out in the French Public Health Code (CSP) transposing Directive 98/83/EC of 3 November 1998 on the quality of water intended for human consumption.

The validity of a certificate can be verified by contacting the issuing laboratory, or by consulting the list of valid health certificates of conformity published by the Carso Group laboratories.

The Water Line injection pumps expanded since the beginning of 2019 with a new metering pump that can dose chemicals up to 30 m3/h (maximum flow) without electricity.

Chlorine or other disinfection chemicals are in a proportional way dosed and always injected with water at the chosen dosage in order to have an optimum water quality.

D30WL chlorine dosing pump operating principle

How our high flow (up to 30m3/h) chlorine dosing pump working ?

The pump technology :
A flow divider in the lower part (patented technology) which ensures a continuous flow division with a constant ratio of the input flow.
A certified chlorine dosing pump in the upper part ensuring the dosing of the desired additive, in proportion to the flow rate supplied by the flow divider. 

As all Dosatron dosing pumps, the dosing of the additive by the system as a whole is proportional to the volume of water, regardless of the variations in pressure and flow rate that may occur.

What specific features for these dosing pumps ?

The D30WL range of chlorine dosing pumps is designed for high-flow water sanitation, treatment and disinfection applications for networks up to 30 m3/h, and injection rates from 0.24 to 60 l/h.

The D30WL ACS chlorine dosing pumps have also obtained the mandatory French approval (ACS) for all equipment in contact with water intended for human consumption. See more

These chlorine dosing pumps are characterized by:

  • Materials and options adapted to water treatment additives.
  • Operates chemical injection without electricity.
  • Wide range of dosage.
  • Allows fully proportional dosing, regardless of flow and pressure variations.
  • Compatible with hard water.
  • Cost effective maintenance (No tools). 

What is the best way to install my D30WL chlorine dosing pump?

The D30WL chemical dosing pump must be assembled in by-pass as shown below.
An in-line assembly is possible but not recommended because it doesn't enable the dosing pump to be easily isolated for maintenance (necessary to cut off the water supply).

For installations from gravity tanks ensure that the minimum water pressure for the metering pump to operate correctly is available.

Installing the D30WL dosing system on a by-pass enables clear water to be supplied to the installation without operating the D30WL chlorine metering pump and enables it to be easily dismantled.

D30WL chlorine dosing pump installation

How to make the right chlorine dosage?

The new smartphone application from Dosatron will allow you to perform all your chlorination calculations and share them with anyone you want. 

ACS certified chlorine dosing pumps - Water flow up to 30m3/h