2020 International women's day

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Within Dosatron, I hold the position of multi-skilled production worker, i.e. I assemble engines, sub-assemblies, to assemble complete dosing pumps, which I test on the test bench and then prepare for shipping. I work mainly in the D8 micro-factory but also on the new D9. My versatility allows me to work in other positions such as on the DIA, which was the dosing pump I started working on as a temp, a dosing pump with a membrane technology that is quite different from the other models.

I particularly appreciate the versatility at Dosatron, doing different tasks and working with different people! At Dosatron, we are allowed to move from one micro-factory to another as needed. It breaks the monotony of work.

What I also find pleasant and comfortable is being able to manage my own schedules.

This flexibility allows me to easily reconcile my professional and personal life, because I like to practice Thai boxing 3 times a week in an association where I volunteer to take care of the reception of members and administrative tasks. This is a strong commitment for me. It's a sport that motivates, allows you to surpass yourself, to push the limits!

In life, you could describe me as a "tomboy", even if I am also very feminine. I want to do as well as a man, no question of refusing a task on the pretext of not breaking a nail! That's also why I like my job. There are few women in the industry, but their role is growing. But it's sometimes surprising when I meet people and talk to them about my job. On the one hand, it makes me proud, on the other hand, I regret that labels are too easily attached. At Dosatron, both women and men learn the same skills!

This Women's Day does not leave me indifferent, because it also allows me to break the codes, to undo the prejudices about supposedly "feminine" or "masculine" jobs. Women's rights and mentalities have changed a lot, but they still need to become more self-confident and never give up!

We are as capable as men, even if we will always need them in the end!


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