International Women's Day 2023

#IWD2023 x Dosatron

Are you looking for a challenging, exciting and rewarding career? Have you ever considered a career in the industry? We have good news for you: there is a place for women in the industry!

More and more women are choosing to pursue a career in the industry, and for good reason: the sector offers many opportunities for personal and professional development. Whether you are interested in product design, project management, research and development or manufacturing, there is something for everyone.

As a woman in this industry, you'll be able to contribute to innovative projects and make a real impact on the world around you. You'll be able to work in teams to design products that improve people's lives, or participate in research projects that push the boundaries of science and technology.

The industry needs talented, creative and motivated women to help meet the challenges of the future. We believe you have what it takes to succeed in this field, and we want to encourage you to pursue your dreams.

If you're ready to take on the challenge and explore the endless possibilities the industry has to offer, we invite you to join our community. Let's contribute to a more innovative, equitable and prosperous future for all.

In addition, Dosatron is part of the Ingersoll Rand Women's Inclusion Group (WING).