Chemie Technik - 11/2019

Chemie tecknik - dosatron

The LDT company, a Dosatron partner in Germany, has added an automatic bypass on a proportional dosing pump. This bypass is controlled either hydraulically or pneumatically.

The Dosatron dosing pumps of the D3 and D8 series could be equipped with a manual bypass to stop the dosing and simply let water flow through by activating the bypass to OFF. For example, on a cleaning application it allows to rinse with clean water by switching the bypass from ON to OFF.

To respond to the market and automate installations, Dosatron has developed the automatic Bypass.

The operating characteristics without electricity, and proportional dosage remain the same. An external hydraulic or pneumatic control will allow to activate or not the automatic bypass.

This type of valve can be used to achieve a different concentration of a bath by controlling the water flow.

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