The Dosatron solution

DOSATRON is installed directly into the water main line and uses water pressure as its power source. It can be used to inject a number of different additives directly into washing machine tanks or can be installed directly in series with the spray nozzles. Its reliability means that it eliminates all kinds of dosing errors. It is not affected by variations in pressure, flow rate, suction height or viscosity, as long as these variables remain within the pump’s operating parameters. Thanks to our constant attention to quality at all stages of manufacture, both in terms of materials and testing procedures, we can guarantee that our dosing motor pumps best meet the needs of industrial cleaning operators.


Controlled consumption of additives and water.
Efficient washing and rinsing.


You can adjust the dosing quantities and add different additives by simply adjusting the dosing pump.


Less time spent on repairs.

Dosatron advantages

• Hydraulic, volumetric and non-electric

• Dosing proportional to water flow-rate

• Excellent dosing repeatability and final solution homogeneity

• Emulsion delivered directly downstream by water power

• Easy dosing adjustment at any time

• Self-priming up to 4M



The appropriate Dosatron pump is selected firstly according to filling rate and secondly to dosing rate.

• Calculation of flow-rate requirement

Flow-rate is determined according to the required tank volume and filling time.
Example: 25-litre tank to be filled in one minute = flow-rate 1,500 l/h.
In this case you can select your pump in the 2.5 m3/h range.
If you wish to supply a number of tanks/machines simultaneously, or fill the tanks faster (if your available water flow-rate makes this possible), you should select a model in the 4.5 or 8 m3/h range.

• Choice of the dosing rate Particularity: proportional volumetric dosing

The Dosatron pump operates on the proportional volumetric dosing principle: the quantity of product injected is proportional to the quantity of water passing through the Dosatron pump.
Example: A 10% setting gives a solution of 10 parts concentrated product to 100 parts water In absolute % terms, this gives 9.09% (10/110).

*This Dosatron model is ideal for filling and adjusting, and answers a recurrent demand from professional users.


• Installation and utilisation in a drinking water circuit demands compliance with national standards and regulations in force.

• The system must incorporate a stop valve or non-return valve upstream from the injection system, to avoid any risk of pollution of the water source.

• Include a 300 micron filter (50 mesh) up-stream from the dosing pump, according to supply water quality.

• The level in the dosing product container must never be higher than the pump (risk of siphoning).