Air Misting System (Fogging)

Air misting is used to cool the air, reduce dust concentration, treat odours, soak the barn before cleaning / disinfection without forgettind the air misting nozzle descaling / cleaning. 

Many farms also use their air misting system with a Dosatron pump :

  • To treat odors & improve the air quality breathed by the animals (dosing of essential oils such as eucalyptus).
  • To descale nozzles (mineral acids).
  • To soak buildings (detergents sprayed at reduced pressure to increase wetting power during barn depopulation, before moving on to the cleaning and disinfection stages).

The advantages of Dosatron Technology

When installed upstream of the high pressure pump (70 bar minimum) of the air misting system, the Dosatron pump guarantees the correct dosage of liquid additives regardless of the variations in water pressure and flow rate.

The non-electric, self-priming Dosatron dosing pump ensures that additives are dosed under the best possible conditions. It ensures consistent dilution and makes it easy to read and adjust the dosing percentage.

It can run empty (without additives) without any risk of damage and is quick & easy to service and maintain.

Recommended Installation for Air Misting

poultry air misting system recommended install

Tips for Installing, Using & Maintaining your Dosatron

  • Install a number of filters in series, down to a few micron filtration, upstream of your Dosatron.
  • Adding another filter after the Dosatron can help to remove any particles generated once the additive has been injected (filters are essential to prevent the spray nozzles from clogging).
  • If installed on a drinking water main line, the installation shall comply with the applicable disconnection standards (non-return system such as Class B disconnectors...).
  • The Dosatron should be installed downstream of the medium pressure pump (usually 70 to 90 bar).
    The water supply to the Dosatron must be proportional to the demand of the pressure pump (the Dosatron must always be supplied with positive water pressure).
  • A safety relief valve can be installed between the Dosatron and the pressure pump.
  • Remember to rinse the Dosatron simply injecting clear water after use.
  • Remember to change the dosing pump dosing seals at least once a year.
  • Please contact us for the chemical compatibility of the additives used with the different Dosatron models (Additive Safety Data Sheet).

Recommended Dosing Pumps

Other dosing and seal options may be available depending on the additives used.