Service retour Dosatron

You would like to return us your dosing unit for technical diagnosis or repair ?

  • Fill in precisely the return sheet hereunder and explain the problem in a detailed manner. This document will help our offices to detect the failure more quicker and thus to avoid overbilling.
  • Clean and rinse the dosing unit before shipment.
  • Pack the dosing unit in its original packaging or, if this is not possible, in a solid, carefully done packaging.

We will send you a cost estimation for repair, informing you about the estimated downtime of the unitor about the technical diagnosis.

If we do not receive a response from you two months after having sent the cost estimation, you will be billed for storage costs, insurances fees and administrative charges.


Our Company

DOSATRON provides high quality equipments for the treatment of fluids, service excellence, a high level of expertise and customer proximity worldwide.

the invention of high precision dosing

Founded in 1974, Dosatron has built its growth on a visionary technology. It is now the leader in the field of water powered proportional dosing technology and ISO 9001

Water powered dosing technology

Video:Dosatron is a solution for liquid to liquid precision dosing and mixing issues...


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The Dosatron mobile app has been designed to help you quickly and easily. Get into contact with Dosatron Service and support, be informed at any time of any updates, Find the information you need to support your pump...
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