gamme dosatron

Through a complete offer of Dispensers, Options and Systems, Dosatron intends to offer you optimized solutions that

- Add value to your process,,

- Are simple to install, to operate and to maintain,

- Bring you peace of mind and enable you to concentrate 100 % on your production or process.


Dosatron products

When you are looking for the Dosatron that meets your needs, please determine
1/the Flow of your motor fluid ; the water to be treated (in m3/h or l/h),
2/ the required Dosage of the concentrate to be injected (the %, ratio or injection flow in l/min or l/h),
3/ the Options that will allow you to optimize the chemical compatibility and installation.

Dosatron Systems

In order to allow you to insert the Dosatron solution directly into your envionment, Dosatron creates systems that integrate the secondary functions such as protections for excess flow or pressure, a filter upstream,...


Mobile App

The Dosatron mobile app has been designed to help you quickly and easily. Get into contact with Dosatron Service and support, be informed at any time of any updates, Find the information you need to support your pump...
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