The new  D9Green Line water-powered dosing pump from Dosatron could appeal to companies with horticultural and ornamental crops.

This fertigation dosing pump operates on irrigation networks from 0.5 to 9 m3/h, in which it can inject fertilizers and products for plants, whether liquid or soluble, conventional or organic.


For this purpose, it works without electricity, operating with a piston engine system, a technology that has been proven for decades and of which Dosatron is the inventor. The only source of energy required to operate the device is therefore the online use of the flow rate in the irrigation sectors, with a simple filter upstream and a check valve downstream.


What this "Green Line" version brings here in addition is its eco-design, knowing that the dosing pump consists of a reduced number of parts. Its hydraulic motor is also made of plastic and not metal, which improves its resistance to chemicals.


In addition, the motor has been reduced from 96 to 35 parts, making maintenance much easier since no tools are required when changing the spring or sealing lips. This Green Line model is part of Dosatron's environmental approach, which has been ISO 14001 certified for several years.


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