Flowering is one of the stakes in the optimizing of environment standards. But every landscaping professional knows that lasting flowering calls for watering and the regular application of fertilizers and everybody knows that there is no flexibility on the working hours and the shifts.
That is why Dosatron built-in and automated fertilized watering is an ideal answer to your need for budget and time optimizing and means you make no concessions regarding the quality of your landscaping.
Fertilizer dosing for:
■ Public gardens, sports complexes
■ Roadsides
■ Flowerbeds, hanging planters
■ Green walls
■ ...
Dosatron advantages
■ Optimizes time and manpower
■ Simple to use
■ Environmentally friendly
■ Simple to install and maintain

Plants Care Treatments (landscaping)
Cleaning of Water Networks
Fertilizing Irrigation of Sports Grounds

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